EURAC Compression Coupling , new gasket detectable.

The EURAC compression coupling, produced by the French company STIF and used to connect pipes in pneumatic handling system has now a new BLUE DETECTABLE FDA SILICONE GASKET.

This new gasket with blue color, is a silicone gasket FDA which contain METAL detectable by a metal detector. The maximum temperature of use is 180°C. It is perfect for the food and pharmaceutical industry. In case of small parts of the gasket comes in the pneumatic handling system, a metal detector situated in the process, will detect the gasket part, and take out from the process.

This innovative gasket is available for all diameters and for galvanized or stainless steel compression coupling.

The STIF company produce the EURAC compression coupling for more than 25 years and export this product in 80 countries.