VIGILEX – Sophistication and optimization of range


Our flameless venting, The Vigilex VQ, and our VIGILEX vent panels have been upgraded to protect your Equipment.

The new Vigilex VQ LW is a lighter version than the previous one, with a weight reduced by 40%, it is available in all our dimensions.
The Vigilex VQ is now certified for all organic dusts thus ensuring the protection of your applications: sugar, wood…
Our range is certified according to the latest applicable standard EN16009: dating back to 2011 (Standards for Flameless Explosion Relief Devices).
Certified: EN14797 and EN14491, our VIGILEX vents are now available for Pstats ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 bar.
Our new range of VIGILEX VD-HV ensures the protection of your filters for high vacuum (650 mbar).
We can offer you now a new range of flat VIGILEX VL with the trapezoidal form.


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